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Chef suggestions

4.50 €
GILLARDEAU oysters with ponzú sauce, purple shiso and ikura

14.00 €
Steamed BAO BREAD with Tempura Soft Shell Crab, Pickled Cucumber, Japanese Mayonnaise

10.00 €
Steamed BAO BREAD with low-temperature confit bacon with kawayaki with green shiso, red onion and fried quinoa

28.00 €
Wayu tataki with sautéed mushrooms, edamami and cauliflower

22.50 €
Salmon tataki with black truffle in oil and ikura

Suggestions of Niguiris and Gunkas (unit price)

4.00 €
Gunka Spice tuna

3.50 €
Gunka spice salmon with ikura

4.00 €
Niguiri de viera

4.00 €
Squid niguiri with lime zest

4.00 €
Niguiri de unagui (eel from the Ebro delta)

5.00 €
Red shrimp niguiri

5.00 €
Bull niguiri with truffle

To get started

5.00 €
Edamame with spicy touch

11.00 €
Kaiso salad

Salad of seaweed, mesclun, cabbage, radishes, miso sauce and sesame.

14.00 €
Kaiso salad hotate

Seaweed salad with sesame vinaigrette sauce, scallop tataki and ikura.

10.00 €
Steamed pork gyosas steamed

Pork empanadas cooked at low temperature with mushrooms and ginger.

14.00 €
Chirashi Unagui

Rice Bowl with Eel Delta eel glazed in taré sauce.

22.00 €
Tataki de Toro

With miso sauce, onion confit and pico de gallo.

14.00 €
Ceviche nikei

Corvina macerated in ponzú sauce, tiger mil...

16.00 €
Tuna tartar with crunchy nori seaweed


7.00 €
Hosomaki of salmon with ykura

15.00 €
Spice sake

Uramaki stuffed with avocado and enoki, covered wi...

15.00 €
Salmon futomaki

Roll with seaweed on the outside stuffed with salmon, avocado, ykura and chives.

15.00 €
Veggi roll

Uramaki stuffed with cucumber, shitaki, shiso and ...

15.00 €
Kibo roll

Uramaki stuffed with bluefin tuna shitaki and avoc...

15.00 €
Nikei sake

Uramaki of salmon tartar with onion confit, shita...

15.00 €
Tuna tartar futomaki

Roll with seaweed on the outside stuffed with blue...

17.00 €
Hosomaki sea and mountain

Roll with seaweed on the outside covered with salm...


7.00 €
Salmon Sashimi

12.00 €
Tuna Sashimi

17.00 €
Bull Sashimi

10.00 €
Squid Sashimi

7.00 €
Scallop Sashimi

7.00 €
Corvina Sashimi

9.00 €
Sashimi of bonito

Our tables

22.00 €
Table of niguiris

Niguiris varied with the special touch of the house, 10 pieces.

23.00 €
Table craft nomoriwasi

Varied sushi, 15 pieces.

30.00 €

Varied sushi, 22 pieces.

35.00 €
Sashimi table

Fish cut selected by sushiman, 24 pieces.

Hot Rolls

17.00 €
Uramaki prawn

No Furai covered in avocado with yuzu mayonnaise

16.00 €
Soft shell

with cucumber, Tobico roe, mushrooms, tempura, arugula, sparagos

15.00 €
Hot Salmon

Futomaki stuffed with salmon, avocado, cream cheese and Japanese onion

Hot dishes

14.00 €

Fried rice wok with vegetables and mushrooms.

16.00 €
Yakimesi with the Iberian press

Fried rice with seasonal vegetables with Iberian press and squid.

16.00 €
Yakimeshi of lagostino

Fried rice with vegetables and lagostino.

5.00 €
Miso soup

15.00 €

Seasonal vegetables with Iberian press.

The sweets

7.00 €
Matcha tea brownie

7.00 €